Customer Success with Seed Slide

The best feeling an entrepreneur can ever achieve is hearing positive product feedback from happy customers. We are proud to share the testimonials of two farmers who have loved having our remote seed box opener pulling its weight on their operations this spring: 

"The Seed Slide is GREAT! It saves me from inhaling all of the treatment chemicals, something that put me in the hospital last year. Plus, it eliminates the risk of slipping off the tender ladder; without it, it's one wrong move and nothing stopping you from a long fall!" Arden Greiner, Corn and Soybean farmer in Zearing, IA

"I wish I bought this 5 years ago, it is worth every penny! It is so convenient to open it remotely from the forklift and not have to climb up ladder after ladder. I also really like how it uses the same battery and charger system as my drills." Kenton Woster, Corn and Soybean farmer in Hardin, Story, and Marshall Counties

If any of these statements connect with you, we encourage you to Buy now or Contact us to learn more about getting a Seed Slide for all of your box opening needs!