Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Awards Seed Slide Top Prize in National Pitch Contest

60 ideas traveled to Tampa to battle it out for the honor, but Seed Slide won the judge's votes by solving the serious problem of safety concerns on the farm.  We are grateful for the recognition and validation from this opportunity and hope to keep the momentum building as we move closer to our vision of eliminating farming-related deaths and injuries that occur during the unnecessary climbing of slippery wagons to unload seed boxes. 

Seed Slide CEO Award

A remote seed box opener?

Seed Slide made its way down to Kansas City to compete in the 2015 National Elevator Pitch Competition.  While there, many people got an education over the new trends in agriculture such as the shift of delivering seed in bags to seed tote boxes.  They were shocked to hear of the danger farmers go through to unload seed from these boxes, including climbing on top of 10 ft. tall slippery seed tenders with a high risk of falling and breaking bones.  Seed Slide found many fans because of its ability to prevent these accidents and allow farmers to farm safer and smarter, not harder.