Our Story

We are a start-up that was created out of a need to increase safety and efficiency on the farm.  We believe in our product and know that it can do exactly that.  It is our mission to spread these benefits to all who apply.

Josh Doering- Marketing and Sales Director

Marketing for Seed Slide is under direction of Josh Doering.  Josh grew up on the farm helping out with livestock and crop production.  His dad is a seed dealer.  That being said, he knows his way around a forklift and can stack bags with the best of them.  He is very passionate about finding a safer and easier way to load seed so that he doesn't have to worry about Dad and Grandpa climbing around on wagons.


John Platte-Engineer and Manufacturer

Seed Slide is manufactured by Central Iowa Powder Coating, which is owned by John Platte. John Platte has been manufacturing products for several well known companies in Hubbard Iowa, for over 17 years.  He's part farm boy, part engineer, and all about quality.